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Credit Repair

Your Financial Opportunities Start Here

Nearly 80% of credit reports contain inaccuracies or erroneous accounts. Your credit score is a major factor in any of your large financial investments: credit and loan approval, interest rates, the amount of down payment or mortgage type on your home, your premium on you auto and homeowners insurances, your ability to lease or purchase a vehicle and now it has even become a deciding factor in job qualification! There is no room for error, yet 8 out of 10 people are losing out on their hard earned money because of these mistakes!

  • Once enrolled, you will receive a Welcome Email with your Username and Password, directing you to your online portal.
  • To receive your first set of dispute letters, you must provide us with your Social Security & Address verification documents.
  • You will receive your first set of dispute letters within 3-5 business days after those documents have been submitted.

United Credit Education Services

Regardless of your circumstances or credit challenges, we can help you restore your score and revitalize your financial position

Learn more about how our service works by watching this short video:


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