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What are Wind Zones, and what do I need to know about them?
The counties along the Gulf Coast are designated as Wind Zone II counties because they often experience very strong winds, especially when a hurricane makes landfall. Therefore the homes that are installed in those counties must be built and installed to withstand these higher winds. To be installed in a Wind Zone II county, a manufactured home constructed on or after September 1, 1997, must meet Wind Zone II standards. Wind Zone II homes and homes built prior to September 1, 1997, may be installed in a Wind Zone I or II county without restriction. Wind Zone I homes may not be installed in those counties designated as Wind Zone II. The counties designated as Wind Zone II are Aransas, Brazoria, Calhoun, Cameron, Chambers, Galveston, Jefferson, Kenedy, Kleberg, Matagorda, Nueces, Orange, Refugio, San Patricio and Willacy.

What makes a manufactured home habitable?
Under Section 1201.453 of the Occupations Code manufactured housing is habitable only if: 
(1) there is no defect or deterioration in or damage to the home that creates a dangerous situation; 
(2) the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems are in safe working order; 
(3) the walls, floor, and roof are: (A) free from a substantial opening that was not designed; and (B) structurally sound; and 
(4) all exterior doors and windows are in place and operate properly.

May I install my own home?
No. Only a licensed installer may install, relevel, or modify any component of the manufactured home's foundation.

My home is personal property, and I want to change it to real property. What do I do? 
First, you cannot elect real property status for your home unless it is attached to land that you own or land that you are leasing under a qualifying LONG-TERM lease.

Long-Term Lease: For the purpose of determining whether or not the owner of a manufactured home may elect to treat the home as real property, is a lease on land to which the manufactured home has been attached and which: (A) has been approved by each lienholder for the manufactured home by placing on file with the department written consent to have the home treated as real property; or (B) is for at least five years if the home is not financed.

Next, if there are any liens on your home (such as a consumer loan lien), the liens will need to be discharged or the lien holders will have to give written consent. The only exception to this requirement is where the transaction is being handled through a title company that is insuring against existing liens, such as the situation where you are converting from personal property to real property and paying off your consumer loan by refinancing with a mortgage loan. In that case, a copy of the title commitment or policy is required. 

Third, you must complete an Application for Statement of Ownership and Location and submit it with all documentation and fees. 

The Department will issue your SOL, and until a certified copy is recorded in the real property records of the county shown on the SOL, the conversion to real property status is not complete. If you are making the conversion to real property status on your own (not going through a lender, title company, or attorney), contact the county clerk to find out their procedures, requirements, and fees for recording this document.

How do I get a homestead exemption?
First, you must contact the appropriate county office in the county where your home is located to find out what their requirements are and whether or not you will need to apply for a revised SOL (for a change in real/personal property election, ownership, location, etc.). Once you know exactly what type of SOL you need to apply for, you may read Applying for an SOL (PDF) on our website or contact us to determine what documents and fees you will need to submit to apply for that SOL.

Who is responsible for Site Preparation for a used manufactured home?
A consumer acquiring a used manufactured home to be installed is responsible for the proper preparation of the site where the manufactured home will be installed except as set forth in Title 10, Section 80.22 of the Texas Administrative Code (relating to Generic Standards for Moisture and Ground Vapor Controls)

What are the installation warranty requirements for a used home?
For all installations, the installer shall give the manufactured home owner a written warranty that the installation of the home was performed in accordance with all department standards, rules, orders, and requirements.

The warranty must conspicuously disclose the requirement that the consumer notify the installer of any claim in writing in accordance with the terms of the warranty. Unless the warranty provides for a longer period, the installer or retailer has no obligation or liability under the person’s warranty for any defect described in a written notice received from the consumer more than two years after the later of the date of purchase or the date of installation.

Q: Do your mobile homes come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all of our mobile homes come with a free sixty (60) day warranty, but you may choose to buy an extended mobile home warranty to protect your most valuable asset you own! You may want to protect your home for several more years against unforeseen repairs on the structure, appliances, doors, windows, roofing, flooring, electrical, plumbing, and much more! See our Mobile Home Warranty link for more details.

Q: Do your prices include towing, setup, and installation?

A: No, our cash price does not, but in some instances our financing options can be designed to include such things. Ask one of our representatives to discuss this option. We will provide all of our clients a list of several licensed, bonded, and insured mobile home movers/installers and will assist you with any negotiations to secure a fair price to relocate your mobile home.

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